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Welcome! This site is under construction. Please call for an appointment and visit the site again in the future for downloadable products and information. 818-606-8650

I can help you achieve improved health and well being, in fewer sessions than many other healing modalities. Hypnosis is completely safe and pleasant, and one of the most effective ways to remove obstacles so that you can create the life you so desire. I am a highly trained Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Hypnotherapist, and work with the highest level of discretion, ethics, and care. I am also a Corporate Coach with a deep understanding of HR, Employment Law, Leadership Skills, and the Entertainment Industry

I specialize in:

Stop Smoking: 1 session (you don't need more)

Addictions: after medically supervised detox (I can work in complement with your rehab facility)

Stress Relief

Relationships: dealing with the people in your life

Better Sleep

Performance Issues: audition anxiety, writing blocks and deadlines, procrastination, making meetings and marketing yourself with confidence, singing issues, public speaking/performing


Sports Performance

Test Anxiety/Performance on Exams

Preparation for Surgery

Weight Issues

Nail Biting, Teeth Grinding, Fears

I will honestly tell you if I can help you with whatever you'd like to change/achieve, or will help find you someone who can.

Susan Peahl, C.Ht.

Master NLP Hypnotherapist

Member National Guild of Hypnotists, International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association, American Association of Behavioral Therapists

"Susan Peahl not only has the latest and most advanced training under her belt but the warmth and empathy necessary to really make those skills work for her- and for you. When you meet Sue you immediately begin to feel comfortable and that's vitally important. Her combination of skill, training, and personal magnetism make her an excellent choice. Go see her..."

Keith Livingston, President, American Chapter of the Professional Board of Hypnotherapy

Call 818-606-8650 for an appointment

Credit Cards accepted

Most issues: $150/session           Stop Smoking: $400 (minus $100 non-refundable deposit)

Drug/Alcohol Addiction: minimum 12 sessions in 30 days, working with your team (Doctor, Psychologist, Rehab) $5,000 paid in advance of first session, non-refundable.

For more information on the program I am trained in, go to and also Google the work of Scott Sandland, one of my teachers and colleagues

I also received excellent training from Dr. Richard Bandler and Michael Bennett

See you soon!

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